Zombified Andy drawn by the inestimably talented Lauren Monardo. Zombie qualities aside, this is exactly what Andy looks like.

About Me

Andy Pollock is an aging nerd that loves graphic novels, super-heros, giant monsters, H.P.Lovecraft, Science Fiction and beer. Not necessarily in that order.

When asked what he believes in, he answers, “I believe in the Force, . . . that all the greatest heros of the Marvel universe were created by Jack Kirby (I love Stan but Jack’s work speaks for itself.), and that the best version of Batman is a combination of Spock and Captain Kirk, I believe in a low carb diet, good milk stout, and  if you’re not into anime, you are missing out on some amazing content. I believe Karl Urban should be given at least 2 more Judge Dredd movies (and preferably 5). I believe Warner Brothers made a huge mistake canceling Swamp Thing, and I have never forgiven Fox for burying Firefly. I believe a good story will succeed even with bad art but that fantastic art can’t save a terrible story  and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days (but my wife does not!)

Andy first started working on the WitchHound comic in 2006 but became distracted raising children. He does a twice weekly podcast with his friend Patrick called “Nerds of a Certain Vintage,” which you should definitely check out (available on Spotify, Itunes, Podomatic, and Stitcher). He will be posting some of that earlier work on this site so you can see just how bad he was when he started.