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March 22, 2021

Episode 112: Snydercut-It’s a Surprise Time Travel Movie with a Dash of Multiverse

3rd week of the month we usually do ‘Listicle” where we compose a top-11 list of one thing or another and debate each others preferences, but since we already blew last week’s book club and this was the weekend HBO Max released the Snyder-cut, we decide to be timely and review the 4-hour epic. The consensus was that it was better than the Whedon-cut but with the caveat that Whedon might have easily made a comparable version if he’d had 4-hours to work with, and Snyder’s version might not have been nearly as good if he had been forced to compress it into 2.  More Flash and more Cyborg, but almost exactly the same amount of Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Superman.   As always, Pat tries to rile me up about the time travel and multi-verse aspects (apparently it’s the only way super heroes can save the day!) Feel free to share your thoughts at:

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